20 Hour Lesson

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The 1:1 Private Online Russian Course is perfect for professionals or people how want to improve their language skills as fast as possible.

Programme includes:

  • Personally measured Russian language course
  • Private lessons with your own teacher.
  • Private 1-to-1 Skype lesson
  • Flexible times
  • Class materials included
  • All levels (A1 – C2)
  • Homework
  • Start of classes: when you want
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41 reviews for 20 Hour Lesson

  1. Mehmet (verified owner)

    Angelika Hoca, cok iyi bir Hoca. Onunla yaklasik 1 ay ders yapma imkanina sahip oldum. Derslere daima hazirlikli geliyor ve pratik için ödevler hazirliyor. Tesekkürler.

  2. Piotr (verified owner)


  3. Umut (verified owner)

    A+ recommended

  4. Nina (verified owner)

    Ciao a tutti! Angelika è un’ottima insegnante! Potete fare lezioni di grammatica, di conversazione, leggere testi eccetera! 🙂 è molto paziente, disponibile e gentile. Ve la raccomando al 100%.

  5. Indy (verified owner)

    Great lesson, great teacher. Very professional. Would recommend to everyone that wants to learn Russian!

  6. Gonzalo (verified owner)

    I take Russian Lessons with Angelika. I would like to say that she has excellent method and good skills to teach. Also She is tolerant and empathetic. She makes me feel confidence on learning this new language. I think, teaching is not only that anybody has strong knowledge, also your teacher or tutor has to make you feel empowered to succeed and She does it. In my opinion she is an excellent tutor. Try it!

  7. Mladen (verified owner)

    Angelika is a well-experienced professional teacher always conducting her lessons with big smile and a great deal of knowledge regarding the subject. Her classes are creative and always full of positive vibes making each of them pleasant and fun while constant progress is pretty noticeable. I definitely recommend! Mladen Dordevic

  8. VM (verified owner)


  9. Shabahat (verified owner)

    Excellent teacher , I enjoy learning from her. Very good teaching method and excellent command over language.

  10. abdulazim (verified owner)

    Angelika is a really wonderful tutor. Once she starts the lesson on time. She really struggles for you to learn in the lesson. she is very patient.If you want to learn Russian, your address must be Angelike. You will agree with me and thank me. Türk arkadaşlarım, Angelika gerçekten çok iyi. Türkçe bildiği için de hiç zorluk çekmezsiniz. Ben onunla 2 aydır çalışıyorum. Hiç pişmam değilim.

  11. Mayi (verified owner)

    Angelika, has patient and it’s very nice. She answer all questions in a great way. I’ll be taking more classes with her for sure!

  12. Bethany (verified owner)

    Enjoy the lesson with Angelika so much! The good teaching methods! Очень хорошо! Спасибо!

  13. Hüseyin (verified owner)

    Angelika has a Russian accent and a good command of Turkish is a great advantage for me. Angelika is understanding and friendly with her, the lessons are fun Angelika’nın Rus aksanı var ve iyi derecede Türkçe bilmesi benim için büyük bir avantaj. Angelika anlayışlı ve arkadaş canlısı, dersler eğlenceli

  14. Мария (verified owner)

    He was very friendly and approachable. My six year old son liked his lesson very much.

  15. Iza (verified owner)

    I had some classes with Angelika and I really enjoyed every lesson. I’m still her student and want to learn more and more. She is a really great teacher, she has a lot of interesting exercises. I can only recommend 🙂

  16. Anna (verified owner)

    Good lesdons kids love it

  17. Akylbek (verified owner)

    We started lessons a week ago for my daughters, 7 and 9 years old. After 2 lessons each they started to read Russian alphabet and now trying to speak basic sentences. I liked the patience and effort of Angelika, it is hard to teach childs online. But I see that Ms. Angelika can do it. She speaks in Turkish and it is being very helpful during the lessons. We are lucky that we find her through preply.

  18. Ava (verified owner)

    Angelika is great, you can tell she has a lot of experience teaching kids. We are very happy so far!

  19. Sophia (verified owner)

    I have only had a few lessons with Angelika, but I am already more confident in my Russian! She is a very friendly, organised and encouraging teacher that puts a lot of time and thought into creating lessons that suit your personal language goals. I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to learn and practice their Russian!

  20. Candice (verified owner)

    my 10-year-old son has been taking a class from Angelika for about 3 months so far and now he can carry on a conversation with Russian people we met anywhere. She is organized class very well every single time. Moreover she is just such a lovely teacher.

  21. guillermo (verified owner)

    Im so happy to have Angelika as a teacher. I had thousands of doubts about having a new teacher. Specially about been patient on me. I’m doing a nice progress and the lessons are creative and interesting. A deserved 5 stars teacher.

  22. Cathy (verified owner)

    J’ai beaucoup apprécié ce cours malgré mon niveau très faible – Angelica est très patient et encourageant -thank you Angelica

  23. Paolo (verified owner)

    Angelika is a great tutor! I was not able to improve for some time and she was able to teach me in the right way! Definitely recommended!

  24. Ünal (verified owner)

    Angelika is a good tutor and Angelika has many good contents for teaching Russian. She knows good ways. спасибо Ангелика ☺️

  25. Elena (verified owner)


  26. Mae (verified owner)

    She is really good and very patient. I do enjoy her classes

  27. Tony (verified owner)

    Angelika is a very professional and well organised teacher and adapts each lesson to suit the particular needs and level of the student. She works quickly and makes each lesson challenging with new subjects, but she is very encouraging and supportive.

  28. Harry Chen (verified owner)

    no doubt 5 star

  29. Onur (verified owner)

    Angelika ile yaklaşık 3 ay çalıştık. Türkçe bilmesi benim için çok büyük avantaj oldu. Dersleri önceden hazırlıyor ve herşeyi açık net bir şekilde anlatıyor. Onunla rusça öğrenirken hiç zorlanmadım. Eğer Türkçe bilen bir öğretmen arıyorsanız size kesinlikle Angelikayı tavsiye ederim.

  30. Rômulo (verified owner)

    Angelika is very nice and patient tutor. She customized the classes according to my need. Thank you Angelika.

  31. Yekaterina (verified owner)

    Excellent preparation and support from the teacher, interesting discussion topics. Great lessons for my 13-year old son.

  32. Аида (verified owner)

    Angelika is very nice and has well-designed lessons

  33. Marta (verified owner)

    Angelika is very friendly and helpful teacher. She is always well prepared, and inform student about each step in your learning Russian journey. I’m very happy that I can learn Russian from scratch with Angelika, already see progress. Highly recommend Angelika to everyone!

  34. Matt (verified owner)

    I have had two lessons so far with Angelika, and am really happy! She is very knowledgeable, patient, and comes up with thorough and cohesive learning plans. Look forward to more lessons!

  35. Hermann (verified owner)

    Angelika ist eine sehr motivierende Lehrerin. Sie kann Alles in einfachen Worten erklären. Ich bin nicht gut in Sprachen aber mit Ihr fällt es mir viel Leichter. Danke Angelika

  36. Sapan (verified owner)

    Angelika is an excellent teacher for Russian language! Since I already speak Russian (incorrectly though..) for many years, Angelika is helping me correct the mistakes I frequently make so that my spoken Russian becomes better. She is very patient and adjusts her lessons according to my pace of learning. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Russian the proper way!

  37. Elif (verified owner)

    Angelika, çocuklarınız için bulabileceğiniz adı gibi bir melek olan bir öğretmen. Sabırlı, yeni görsel materyalleri olan, eğlenceli bir yaklaşımı var. Kızım çok kaprisli olmasına rağmen onun durumuna göre hep yeni çözümler bularak, anlayışla yaklaşıyor. Çok teşekkürler Angelika!

  38. Nuno (verified owner)

    Angelika is a super nice and encouraging teacher. She is very knowledgable, always ready to help. She has always got new homework for me to do, which I enjoy. I have been learning Russian with her for about 6 months now, and I have improved so much. I couldn’t recommend her more! Спасибо болшое 🙂

  39. Dylan (verified owner)

    Phenomenal tutor. We really get deep into subjects to thoroughly understand them.

  40. Krzysztof (verified owner)

    Angelika is absolutely the best teacher we ever met. Mike, the kid, already had 14 lessons and I, the adult, often just listen. Angelika is a very nice and very effective tutor. She loves the language and passes that passion with ease. Very professional materials, easy to follow. Absolutely recommend! We love these lessons and we’ll stay here forever!

  41. David (verified owner)

    I really like Angelika! She is very positive and has a nice way of explaining Russian for a total beginner from the USA. I’m already saying some basic expressions.

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